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Our values: Customer first

The most important value of our company is you! After all, there is customer service and Customer Service. At Mimmilä we focus on high quality Customer Service with more than 10 years of experience. Why don't you give it a try?

Authenticity - No fake stuff glued on top, but being a person to person as oneself. Behind every order is a person that we want to serve in the best way possible - behind every order shipped is also a person with dreams and wishes.

Joy - The primary purpose of our products is to bring you joy! The purpose of our products is to be that little extra in your everyday life that makes you smile. Did you feel joy and excitement when you opened your latest Mimmilä Shop order?

Being Unique and Magical - Our goal is to get unique  products available for our customers. In addition to self-designed stickers, you will also find gems from all over the world, that you might not be able to find elsewhere in the European Union. Each visit to our online shop is a magical experience."

Northern Sticker Magic - Company history

I found planning in 2018 on YouTube and I was immediately sold! My new found love got deeper quickly and in 2019 I founded my own personal livestreaming page on Facebook MimmiläSo basically, Mimmilä is the point of origin and the heart of the company.

I have always been very entrepreneurial. In the summer of 2020, I opened the Mimmilä Shop online store alongside my main job, as if to expand the Mimmilä brand.

At the beginning of 2022, I took perhaps the biggest risk of my life and became a full-time e-commerce entrepreneur. At the same time, the online store moved to its own physical store premises in Viikki, Helsinki. The risk paid off!

Taru the Sticker Dealer - 10 facts about me

1. Purple is my favorite color
2. I am a bubbly and open minded person
3. I have two cats, Simo and Siru
4. I speak a very broad dialect of Southern Ostrobothnia, even though I live in Helsinki Finland
5. The planners I currently use are Happy Planner Classic and Jibun Techo B6 Lite
6. I write my diary in the Wonderland222 B6 notebook
7 I love watercolors and travelling
8. I pack all orders myself
9. I always write a small message in every order to delight the person opening the order
10. Becoming an entrepreneur has been the best decision in my life so far!

I wish you a magical shopping experience in our online store! Here you can explore our latest product releases.


Taru Ketonen
Mimmilä Shop
Apteekkarinkatu 3
00790 Helsinki