Mid Season novelties now in Mimmilä Shop!

In the middle of July, 18.7.20, the MID SEASON novelties were published, which include three different Art Journal Sticker Kits. Introducing also a completely new type of Arttikitti. Read more about the kitties creation process and ideas below!

As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, one of Mimmilä Shop's values ​​is working together. In practice, this means, in addition to a direct conversation connection, that customers' wishes are really listened to. The Angularis Art Journal Sticker Kit was born based on the color wishes of the customers, and it's true, the art lovers wanted a bluish option for their friend!

Angularis Art Journal Sticker Kit €3.90 / sheet

Mixed Media and Mimmilä Shop

Mimmilä 's live performances are mainly made with papers, washes and stickers. Step by step, in the future we will see more mimmies used in Mixed Media (thanks to an artist friend in the background). Fortunately, Mimmilä Shop also offers options for granny fanatics. The new art kit Bitterbloom continues the same line as the April Rose and Cinnamomea sheets. The cutting lines were chosen to be a little more planner-friendly, more box-like, so that the sheets fit the openings of as many different calendar tuners as possible.

Bitterbloom Art Journal Sticker Kit €3.90 / Sheet

A new type of art kit - Tear and create

Now we really are at the origins of art! My incredibly talented and idea-rich artist friend showed me Love Direction 's original work and I was frankly sold.

The graphic exudes genuine retro thanks to its female figure and ball figures reminiscent of the 60s, but especially a certain kind of free spirit of that time through its color scheme. As a whole, I think the work represents the original art style (which many think is specifically art), which uses a lot of stamps, markers, surprising material choices and the magic of one's own creativity.

The original Love Direction was transformed into Rip it Yourself , a new type of artkit for every artist to experience. Rip it Yourself is therefore meant to be ripped . However, the sheets have not been completely left uncut during the manufacturing phase, but the graphic part has been cut into an independent, tear-off and crumple sticker . The female figure on the first sheet of the set can be removed whole thanks to its cutting lines. The set includes two compatible sheets, so that it is easy to build backgrounds even for larger openings. Get to know both sheets of Love Direction in more detail here !

Special Edition Rip it Yourself Art Journal Sticker Kit - Love Direction
€6.50 / set of two sheets
sheets are not sold separately

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