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August news and extras

August is character month!

In August's novelties, Mimmilä Shop's online store has lots of new character stickers. When school starts, you can mark everything related to studying, books, reading and going to school with new character stickers!

Character stickers: Lyly, Book Lover €2.80 / sheet
Five different characters available

Character stickers: Lilli, Book Worm €2.80 / sheet
Five different characters available

August is also the month of extras!

In addition to the traditional All Orders Freebie , on August 1.8. - 31.8. between you will receive a Diecut Freebie with your order! You can choose Diecut either with or without a sticker. You can get a Diecut Freebie for yourself by leaving a free-form message in the "message to seller" box about which diecut you want! If you do not leave a message when ordering, the Diecut will be delivered in any case, however, depending on the stock situation, either with or without a sticker.

August Extra Diecut Freebie, height approx. 6.5 cm, width approx. 3.5 cm
Delivered automatically when ordering,
indicate "message to seller" in the box at checkout
whether you want the Freebie Diecut with or without a sticker.

Check out the August All Orders Freebie sheet in Mimmilä Shop 's Back Room!

A new sticker kit that breathes the end of summer

Mimmilä Shop's putty selection expands with Somniferum Papaver - sticker putty. The sticker kit is sized to fit the Happy Planner Classic and Erin Condren Vertical size calendars, but also fits perfectly with, for example, Sinikara undated planners.

Somniferum Papaver €11 the whole kit

Somniferum Papaver is designed with the idea that it is possible to build both a dark and a light version of the end result. The gray backgrounds of the full boxes lighten the dark impression if you so desire. Somniferum Papaver - more commonly known as Poppy - is full of contrast and strength, without forgetting the sensitivity of the flower's petals. All graphics on the kit are from the author's own brush.

Somniferum Papaver €3.50 single sheet

Mimmilä Shop is on vacation - Orders are processed almost normally

Mimmilä Shop is on vacation from August 7-23. the time in between. During the holidays, you can place orders as usual, but the processing of orders may take a little longer than usual . We aim to deliver orders as soon as possible, however during the holiday season exceptionally within 1-6 business days of the order. You will receive an email as soon as your order has been processed and sent to the post office!

The online store's social media activity may be quieter than usual, but that is certainly completely understandable.

Thank you to all Mimmilä Shop customers for all the support I have received from you!

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