Heinäkuun Freebie ja uusi hahmo Lilli

July Freebie and new character Lilli

In July's All Orders Freebie, Mimmilä Shop's new character Lilli is on an adventure!

One of the most important values ​​of Mimmilä Shop is working together, and that is why the new character has been created based on the wishes of the customers. Lilli was also named the most common member in Mimmilä Shop's Backroom . By the way, have you already noticed that you can also find Lilli in the older character sheets?

You will receive the July All Orders Freebie automatically with your order! The size of the sheet is about 5 cm x 7 cm.

New products for July

Mimmilä Shop's new products are published once a month, on the new moon weekend. July's new products were published on June 27. Below is a little trivia about a couple of sticker sheets.

Planetarium Deco sticker sheet

A planetarium is not just any "moon sticker sheet". The sheet has planet stickers made with the signer's own brushstrokes, containing deep details thanks to watercolors. The color combinations are surprising, but you can certainly find more traditional moons on the planets.

The sheet is wonderfully suitable for dark-speaking calendar openings, of course for galaxy-themed tuunauls, but also as a companion for down-to-earth kitties. The product image does not do the sheet justice. It's only when you hold the sheet in your hands that you notice the wonderful details of the planets and their true depth.

Arkki was born semi-accidentally during a party with a good artist friend, when he wanted to try different techniques. I hope you enjoy the Planetarium sticker sheet as much as I do!

€3.30 a sheet, a total of 28 stickers. Read more detailed information here.

Aquarelle Rosa sticker putty

Aquarelle Rosa was born the day before it was published by guts. I wanted the release of the first novelties to be sensible, balanced and qualitatively expanding the current selection. After Whisper's Summer and Blooming Summer sticker sheets, it was natural to grab a watercolor brush and do what you like and what is at least (in my opinion) relatively good.

The kit turned out beautiful, even a little surprising due to its olive green color. Washi strips are intentionally different compared to other graphics, so that the opening is not overwhelmed by just flowers. I look forward to receiving the new kit!

Like other Mimmilä shop sticker kits, you can buy each page individually or pick up the whole kit in your shopping basket for a cheaper price.

€3.50 Single sheet / €11 the whole kit

Mimmilä Shop and PR

Mimmilä Shop does not currently do contact work with traditional PR girls. Mimmilä Shop sends official PR mail to calendar enthusiasts who create high-quality and inspiring content for their own social media. PR mail is sent randomly and to selected people.

If you feel that your social media meets these criteria, you can send an open email regarding the matter to taru@mimmilashop.fi. Feel free to contact us!

p.s. However, cooperation with PR girls is not ruled out in the future, let's see what time will bring!

pps. From June 27 to July 1, you can find a sale code in the back room of Mimmilä Shop , which you can use to shop for new products at a lower price. Already a member?

A humble thank you for all the support I have received from all of you

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